Welcome to the Annual Conference of the Romanian Network for Migration Studies

Migration from and towards Romania. Research, Policy and Practice

Cluj-Napoca, 5th-6th of September 2017

Large waves of intra- and extra-European migration, the refugees’ crisis, the politicization of migration have all become hot issues on the contemporary European agenda. The quest for understanding contemporary European migration and its far-reaching consequences is today more salient than ever. It requires a renewed interest in researching, comparing and theorizing migration, including establishing and maintaining intense dialogue between academic research and policy circles. 

Romania entered the spotlight of public and academic interests especially in the past ten years, as home country for more than three million migrants. The high mobility of East European citizens, negative attitudes towards them in many countries of destination, including in tolerant and liberal countries, the special status of East European EU immigrants and the outstanding dynamics of their mobility, all contributed to the emergence of a consistent academic field of studies. Besides, within the last decade, Romania has increasingly become a country of immigration, facing new challenges as a “new” EU member state.      

Set up in 2016, RoMig – the Romanian Network for Migration Studies is a network of Romanian scholars with different disciplinary backgrounds who share an interest in international migration. RoMig launches a call for papers for the 1st edition of its Annual Conference. The conference will take place in Cluj-Napoca between the 5th and 6th of September 2017 and it will be hosted by the College of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences (FSPAC) at the Babeş-Bolyai University (UBB).